Surrounding area of Tiengemeten

Near the resort

Our tips for day trips in the area! 

Around park: 184km

Citytrip Rotterdam

Combine your stay with a day out in Rotterdam. A city with one of the largest ports in the world, vibrant nightlife, fantastic museums, and excellent restaurants.
Around park: 184km

Expedition Tiengemeten

Tiengemeten is a real hiking island. You can even go off the trails and explore on your own! Pack binoculars and set off in search of the Big Five.
Around park: 184km

Sailing in the Biesbosch

Experience De Biesbosch to its fullest on the water. Go boating along the willow forests and green banks and through meandering streams or on rivers in a rowboat, canoe, or whisper boat.
Around park: 184km

Nature playground OERRR

Speelnatuur van OERRR on Tiengemeten is an outdoor playground measuring 9 soccer fields. A place where children can enjoy themselves for whole days.
Around park: 184km

Film & Comedy nights

Three times a week we convert our inn or orchard into a cinema or theater. Relax after dinner, enjoy a movie, comedian or band.