Information about the stay

Information about the stay

Staying at TinyParks

All TinyParks locations can be visited all year round for a special overnight stay. Be honest, how great would it be to spend the night in a cozy tiny house, yurt or hiker's cabin with a wood stove during the dark winter months? You can leave our site feeling rested, satisfied and happy all year.

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TinyParks living room

All of our locations have a “TinyParks Living Room”. In the Living Room, you can enjoy a drink by the fireplace, have a drink with other TinyParks residents or just relax. It is the central place at our "tiny" parks where something is always happening.

TinyParks family dinner

Location Cast Away: imagine long, set tables in nature with the chirping of the birds in the background. A chef who ensures that you will have all of the drinks and food you need throughout the evening. So that you can get to know all the other guests, exchange stories and who knows, make new friends for life. A real “family” dinner like in Italy!

Family dinners can be booked as an option at location Cast Away!

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Boredom is not in our vocabulary

All of our locations are located in beautiful nature reserves. Where you can enjoy hiking, cycling or mountain biking. But there is lots to do at the locations themselves as well. For instance, one of them has a pétanque lane, a swimming pool and e-choppers. Another one has movie nights, shuffleboards and paddleboards. We go into this in more detail at each location page. But trust us: an overnight stay at TinyParks is always worth it.


Discover our TinyParks

Get to know our locations for a unique experience.

The Forest Cabins Drents Friese Wold

Imagine sixteen attractive Tiny Houses in the middle of a forest, located directly on the Drents Friese Wold National Park. The perfect place for couples and young families who want to completely disconnect from a busy life.

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Cast Away island Tiengemeten

At Cast Away we also want to give visitors to the nature island an unforgettable evening during the winter period. Get to know pop-up restaurant Tom's, spend the night in one of our island rooms or come and have a meeting with your company.

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